Gymnastics Victoria Constitution

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Special General Meeting

Special General Meeting was held on 24 September 2020, via video-conference.

Gymnastics Victoria thanks all attendees for their time and participation.

The meeting considered the business deferred from the Annual General Meeting, being the setting of member subscriptions for 2021; the meeting approved the proposed fees, subject to a minimum discount of 30% for Term 1 club registration fees.

Gymnastics Victoria Inc. - 83rd Annual General Meeting

The Gymnastics Victoria 83rd Annual General Meeting was held on 13 May 2020, via video-conference for the first time.

Gymnastics Victoria thanks all attendees for their time and participation.

The meeting approved the Chair’s report, the CEO’s report, and the Finance report.

The meeting endorsed the re-election of all three Directors who nominated, congratulations to Alistair Edgar, Anthony Johnston, and Tim Robertson upon their new two-year terms.

The meeting ratified the appointment of the two Directors appointed by the Board: congratulations to Molina Asthana and David Cannizzo.

The meeting approved the motion to defer setting member subscriptions for 2021 until a Special General Meeting to be held later this year (likely towards the end of Term 3), so as to give time to gain a better understanding of the impacts of COVID-19 on members.

Annual Reports

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Gymnastics Victoria Strategic Plan

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Technical Statutes

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