Gymnastics Victoria Judging Review

As part of the Gymnastics Victoria strategic plan a Consultative Committee has been established to stengthen the future of judging in Victoria. This consultative Committee is made up of a diverse group of people to make recommendations to the GV Board regarding the future of Judging in Victoria.

The members of the consultative committee include:

  • Alison Lyons – Senior Manager Gymnastics Development – Gymnastics Victoria
  • Nastashia Buck – Gymnastics Development Manager Education – Gymnastics Victoria
  • Adi Glancy – Senior Manager – Industry Training and Accreditation Gymnastics Australia
  • Sepi Weerasinghe – President of Prahran Rhythmic Club
  • Joanna Murphy – Aerobic Judging Coordinator
  • Alan Keating – MAG, WAG and ACRO Judge
  • Louisa Phillipson – Trampoline and Tumbling Judging Coordinator and presenter.
  • Sharyn Kemp – Rhythmic Technical Director
  • Sandra Button – Rhythmic Judging Coordinator
  • Sue Cowdell- Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Judging coordinator and presenter.
  • Amy Pfeifer – WAG Judge
  • Christy Hemphill – Club Owner, WAG Judge, Tramp Judge, Tumbling Judge
  • Kevin James – MAG Judge

Please check back to this page on a regular basis for the latest updates regarding the review.

The following timelines apply as part of the review: 



Appointment and administration of a consultative committee


The undertaking of two community forums for current judges to discuss their experiences and to provide feedback.



Judges Review Survey- For community input and feedback

Currently open – Closes August 15th. Please click here to complete:

Compilation of survey results and trends

Due for completion November 2016

Recommendations to Gymnastics Victoria board to adopt for future planning

December 2016

 Commence Implementation of the approved recommendations  from February 2017


For more information please contact Gymnastics Victoria on:  (03) 9214 6020