An inclusive Gym for All entertainment spectacular


What is FusionFX ? 

Gymnastics Victoria's FusionFX is performance-based gymnastics at its finest and an entertainment spectacular suitable for all ages.
It showcases acrobatics, circus, rhythmic gymnastics, dance and spectacular gymnastics stunts!

FusionFX focuses heavily on teamwork and participation and has attracted more than 300 people of all ages and abilities from gymnastics clubs across Victoria.   

Fusion FX Events in 2017

UPCOMING:  Friday 17 November - Geelong Arena

The Entry Form for the November installment of FusionFX can be found on the Event Forms page of the website. 

Entries for FusionFX close on Wednesday 18th October 2017.

For more information please contact the Gymnastics Victoria via cbell@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au.  

FusionFX in August

The August FusionFX competition was held on Friday 4 August at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville. Audience members were treated to an amazing showcase of performances with 12 numbers showing incredible skills.

The results for FusionFX were:

1. Team Adrenaline - Moana
2. EKGA - I Wanna Dance
3. Patterson Lakes - Broken Dolls
4. Patterson Lakes - Smurfs

1. Team Adrenaline - Wonderland
2. Technologic - Koala Gymnastics
3. Carey RG - Walking on Sunshine
4. Patterson Lakes - Haunted

1. Team Adrenaline - Taken
2. Skylark - Highway to the NinjaZone

Competition Entries

Geelong Competition Entry Information coming soon.

Competition Information & Work Order

Geelong Competition Information and Work Order coming soon.


Geelong Ticket Information coming soon. 

FusionFX Manuals 

FusionFX Manual