All Gymnastics Victoria event forms can be found here.

If you are having difficulty finding the form you require, please contact the GV Events team on 03 9005 4700 or [email protected]

2023 Event Forms

Generic Forms

Refund Application (Withdrawal) Form - Word  | PDF - applications will not be accepted later than 5 working days after completion of event.

Judges Waiver Application - ExcelPDF

Generic Entry Forms - ExcelMAGWAG NL - WAG IL - for club invitational use only. Clubs running events are welcome to insert their own logo in the header/footer as well as club contact information.

Coaches Sign In Sheet - ExcelPDF

Judges Sign In Sheet - Excel | PDF

Volunteers Sign In Sheet - ExcelPDF

Photography Withdrawal Form - PDF

Event Equipment Hire Form - Excel

Lower Levels Badge Order Form - JotForm

Replacement Badge Order Form - JotForm

Request for Special Consideration - Word    


Men's Gymnastics

MAG Age Calculator - Excel  - use to double check age groups

MAG LAT Form - Excel

Women's Gymnastics

WAG Divisions Calculator - Excel

WAG LAT Form - Excel

Rhythmic Gymnastics

RG LAT Form - Excel

Gymnastics For All


Aerobic Gymnastics


Trampoline Gymnastics

TRP LAT Form - Excel

Acrobatic Gymnastics

ACR LAT Form - Excel