In 2023, all Gymstar competition information will be found on the Gymnastics Victoria event calendar HERE
Please note: This is a live calendar and will be updated as host applications are approved.

 Date  Event  Venue   Opening Date   Closing Date 
 Sunday 18th  L1 & 2 Neutrons   Koala Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 25th  L5-10 Titans  CYC Gymsports  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 2nd   L1-3 Neutrons  Werribee Gymnastics Club  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 9th  L4-10 Titans & Open  MLC Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 23rd  L1-3 Neutrons  MAGA  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 30th  L1-3 Neutrons & 4 Halos  Highett Youth Club  TBC  TBC
 Saturday 5th  L3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos & Titans  Reach Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 6th  L3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos & Titans  Reach Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 6th  L3 Neutrons, 4-5 Halos & Titans  Casey Endeavour Hills  TBC  TBC
 Saturday 12th  L5-6 Halos  Aerodynamix Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 13th  L3 Neutrons, L4 Halos & L7-10 Titans  Aerodynamix Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 27th  L3 Neutrons, L4-5 Halos & Titans  Casey Stadium  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 3rd  L1-3 Neutrons & 4 Halos  Knox Gymnastics Club  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 10th  L1-3 Neutrons & L4 Halos  Highett Youth Club  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 17th  L2-4 Neutrons, Halos, Titans  BTYC  TBC  TBC
 Monday 18th  L5-6 Halos & L5-10 Titans  BTYC  TBC  TBC
 Saturday 30th  L6-10 Titans  Reach Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 1st  L6-10 Titans  Casey Stadium  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 1st  L6-10 Titans  Reach Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 8th  L3 Neutrons & L4-7 Halos  Knox Gymnastics Club  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 15th  L4-7 Halos & 7-8 Titans  Highett Youth Club  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 22nd  L1-4 Neutrons & L4 Halos  Bayside Gymnastics  TBC  TBC
 Saturday 28th  L7-10 Titans  Casey Endeavour Hills  TBC  TBC
 Sunday 29th  L3 Neutrons, L4-6 Halos & Titans  Casey Endeavour Hills  TBC  TBC

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