InterSchool Gymnastics



Secondary InterSchool Gymnastics

Secondary InterSchool Gymnastics is open to all Victorian School students from Grade 7-12. The program offers opportunities for both male & female student, and does not require any prior gymnastics experience. The program can be tailored to each individual’s skill level, ranging from beginners, all the way to competitive club gymnasts.

Gymnasts can compete in either the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competition, which involves 6 apparatus, Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars & High Bar or Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, comprising of 4 apparatus, Vault, Bars, Beam & Floor.

The Secondary InterSchool Gymnastics competition is a fun and stress free competition environment, where students are given the opportunity to perform their skills.

Victorian Secondary ISG Competition

When: Monday 28th August - Friday 1st September 2023

Where: State Gymnastics Centre     Cost: $46.00

Closing Date: 12th July 2023     Event Entry Form: DOWNLOAD HERE

Open To: All Victorian Secondary Schools (Mainstream & Specialist Schools, Grades 7-12) 


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Age Divisions:

Junior – Year 7-9 & Senior – Year 10-12

Team Sizes:

3 - 6 Students (schools can form combined teams with other schools where there are not enough athletes to form a complete team from one school.)

This is both a team & individual competition.

Secondary InterSchool Gymnastics Manual:

Secondary InterSchool Gymnastics Manual

Primary Interschool Gymnastics

Primary InterSchool Gymnastics (PISG) incorporates both Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics & Acrobatic Gymnastics. The students have the opportunity to compete up to 6 routines, including, Vault, Bars, Beam, P-bars, Floor, Rings, as well as a Rhythmic, Aerobics or Acrobatic routine.

Students do not need to have any prior experience participating in gymnastics, although the program does cater for gymnasts of all skill levels. Primary InterSchool Gymnastics is a fun and relaxed competition environment, where all students are recognised for their achievements.


Victorian Primary ISG Competition

When: Monday 28th August - Friday 1st September 2023

Where: State Gymnastics Centre     Cost: $36.00

Closing Date: 12th July 2023          Event Entry Form: DOWNLOAD HERE

Open To: All Victorian Primary Schools (Mainstream & Specialist Schools, Grades 2—6)

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Champions – Beginners (with little to no gymnastics experience)

Legends – ALP Levels 2+

Age Divisions:

Junior – Grade 2-4 & Senior – Grade 5-6

Team Sizes:

4-8 students (Please note, this is a team ONLY competition)

Primary InterSchool Gymnastics Manual:

Primary InterSchool Gymnastics Manual

2022 Primary ISG Rhythmic Gymnastics Routines:

A number of videos are available for Primary School Teachers & Coaches to assist with teaching students the Rhythmic Gymnastics routines for the InterSchool Gymnastics Event.

Video 1 -Champions Ball

Video 4 -Legends Ball

Video 2 -Champions Hoop

Video 5 -Legends Hoop

Video 3 -Champions Rope

Video 6 -Legends Rope

2022 Primary ISG Aerobics Routines & Music:



Legends Routine

Champions Routine

Track 1 - Sorry Not Sorry

Track 1 - Lips Are Moving

Track 2 - Black Magic

Track 2 - Dancing

Track 3 - Got This Feeling