Acrobatic Program Information

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 June 2017  
State Pennant Information 2017

 April 2017 Please click here to see the breakdown of Acrobatic Gymnastics Event for 2017 for Athletes, Coaches and Judges. 

Athletes will be able to find the Events they wish to compete in the 2017 Events Calendar

For Coaches and Judges to register their interest for a workshop, please contact the Gymnastics Victoria office.

9 May 2016

The Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Committee would like to get more clubs involved in our dynamic, exciting and teamwork based sport.

Two start up grants are available to support clubs to start an Acrobatic Gymnastics program in 2016. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACRO) can be a fantastic sport for your club because:

  • Being a small sport, there is lots of opportunity to do well, and to reach a high level within a relatively short time
  • It provides a great opportunity for retention of gymnasts who might otherwise have moved on
  • It gives your club a point of difference from surrounding clubs
  • It does not require much special equipment and lots of coaching and judging knowledge is transferable
Click here to read more information about the grant and to apply. Applications close 17 June 2016
16 April 2013

Current Program Manuals:

The current versions of manuals in use are:

All of these manuals can either be accessed from the links above, or bought from Gymnastics Australia. Please make sure you have, and are using, the most up to date versions of each document as well as the GV Yearbook, Events Handbook and any updates posted on the GV website.

National Technical Information

View the technical information distributed by Gymnastics Australia.