Men's High Performance Centre

Men's High Performance Program

The purpose of the Men's High Performance Program is to produce elite athletes to compete nationally and internationally for Australia.

The High Performance Program function includes

  • Coaching Elite Athletes
  • Preparation of athletes for state, national and international events
  • Education of coaches and judges
  • Talent Identification
  • Personal development of athletes
  • Promotion of the sport of gymnastics

The program consists of gymnasts who train from 14 hours to 28 hours per week, 50 weeks of the year. Men’s Gymnastics can take up to 10 years to develop an all around elite gymnast with the strength and skill necessary to compete at the junior, senior, and international levels. The confidence, self esteem, and character development are all positive benefits reaped by gymnasts training at all levels.

Mission Statement:

  • To identify and train athletes for international competition
  • To act as a technical/educational resource for all coaches
  • To offer interactive educational opportunities for the advancement of all coaches, athletes, and judges in Victoria


  • A commitment to the pursuit of excellence in sport and life
  • To foster teamwork and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • To encourage innovation and continuous learning
  • To maintain personal integrity and fairness
  • To maintain drive by enthusiasm and passion
  • To not compromise our values and our standards
  • To treat staff and athletes with trust and respect
  • To maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with sporting and other partners