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 January 2018

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 November 2017    
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 October 2017    
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12 January 2017  MAG332017 

The MAG Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 10.00am Sunday 5th February at Melbourne Polytechnic Room ME201, Corner High Street and Thomas Street, Prahran.

The MAG Technical Information Day will follow the AGM on Sunday 5th February.

Sport Members are encouraged to attend this day as important information about 2017 will be distributed.

14 June 2016  MAG322016  MAG Technical Committee Bulletin #3
4 April 2016  MAG312016  MAG Technical Committee Bulletin #2 
3 March 2016  MAG302016  The Men's Technical Committee Information Day and AGM will be held on Saturday March 5th at 2.00pm at BTYC 
9 Dec 2015 MAG292015

The Gymnastics Australia 2016 Part B Technical Regulations have been released. Click here to access the GA website.

MAG competition requirements for National Clubs are still being reviewed in consultation with the community and will be updated early in the New Year.

28 July 2015 MAG282015

MAG National Commission Update - July

24 July 2015 MAG272015

Gymnastics Australia has officially released a digital version of the MAG Australian Levels Program (ALP) built for the popular tablet/ipad format in iOS and Android with a Windows version out soon. GA had invested in the new mobile medium working with the Men’s National Commission to deliver this exciting new product to the community.

This app is suitable for clubs, coaches, officials, athletes and parents involved in all levels of competitive Men's Gymnastics, it provides users with an ‘easy to navigate’ format between Levels and Apparatus, with access to over 100 routine videos and the latest updates and clarifications. 

The ALP app includes;
- 2014 - 2017 Compulsory Routines (version 2)
- 2014 - 2017 Optional Requirements
- ALP Introduction
- ALP Updates/Clarifications
- Direct access to the Gymnastics Australia website via the app (internet access required)
- Access to videos of all compulsory routines levels 0-8 (internet access required)

Please note: When the app is first downloaded, it will require several minutes to download PDF documents which will be stored locally on the device so the user will not require internet access once the download is complete. Accessing video content or the Gymnastics Australia website will require internet access.



Windows version out soon!

9 April 2015 MAG212015

Clarification of rules from the Victorian Men's Technical Committee.

A number of items have been clarified relating to MAG competitions in 2015, including: spotting blocks, general warm up and videoing at events. 

Click here to download.

12 Mar 2015 MAG202015

Level 9 Under 15 Important Information from the National Commission:

As this year is the first year a level 9 U15 division has been included into the ALP and there are conditions regarding the eligibility of athletes for Australian Championships in this division as outlined in section 5.6.3 of the 2015 Technical Regulations.

* Special Conditions Regarding Qualification for Level 9 U15 

- Athletes must be aged 14 or 15 years

- Athletes must have previously competed in the level 8 U14 division at a State or National sanctioned event to be eligible for Level 9 U15

Given this is a transition year, the commission is willing to consider petitions for any athlete that has been entered into a state qualification event in this level but has not met the special conditions. 

Petitions must be submitted to the men's commission before Friday 27th March and must include appropriate evidence to support the request to be allowed to compete in this division. 

The commission will make every effort to respond promptly so any petition not approved will leave time for the gymnast to be placed an alternate level.

Please remember it is the club responsibility to ensure gymnasts entered into each division meet the specified criteria. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Rohan Kennedy

12 Mar 2015 MAG192015

March 2015 Commission update, plus ALP version 2 Errata 1 - February 2015 

3 Mar 2015 MAG182015

Age Calculator charts are now available on the MAG Program Information Page - these charts show which athletes are eligible to compete in which competitive divisions, by entering their Date of Birth. This can otherwise be a slightly complex and confusing process! The charts are intended to assist clubs both with entering their athletes into competitions, and when running competitions. 

24 Oct 2014 MAG132014

Following on from the changes to the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) competition structure and the inclusion of Level 9 Under 15 in the Australian Levels Program (ALP), Gymnastics Australia will release version two of the MAG ALP in November 2014.

Current Technical Members will be able to access the Program from 17 November. In addition to this, a MAG ALP kit will be developed which will incorporate version two of the MAG ALP along with video of the compulsory routines.

More details on when and how to order this resource will be available from the GA Gymshop in the coming weeks.


25 Feb 2014                 MAG042014  
The Australian Levels Programs are the pathways for athletes competing in each of the Gymsports in Australia, from Level 1 through to international.
The 2014 - 2017 editions are currently available for all Gymsports with the exception of WAG which is currently being reviewed. As these resources are put into practise and tested around competition time, small discrepancies are discovered. When this does occur, Gymnastics Australia will follow the existing FIG procedure and release an errata. Released no more than monthly, this document will highlight the change and include the replaceable pages for the relevant ALP.As a result, please find below the errata for MAG, RG and ACR.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics: 2014 - 2017 Australian Levels Program Errata 1 - February 2014