Trampoline Technical Updates


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 2019 Information
 January 2019
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 Previous Years Information
March 2018

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January 2018

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 June 2017    

The TRP ALP have been updated. The soft copy resources can be accessed by current registered Technical Members, complimentary, via Gymnastics Online. Alternatively, members of the community can purchase a hard copy via Gym Shop.

It is important to note that the 2017 and Beyond TRP resource replaces the 2014-2017 ALP, effective as of 01 July 2017


 April 2017    
Click here for the Trampoline Gymnastics Annual General Meeting Minutes.

 April 2017  
Click here for the Trampoline Annual General Meeting Agenda.

12 January 2017  TRP212017 

The Trampoline Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 15 April at the completion of the Victorian Championships at the Rowville Community Centre - 40 Fulham Road, Rowville . 

To nominate for the Technical Committee please complete the electronic nomination form and submit to Gymnastics Victoria by the due date. Nominations must be accompanied by two endorsements as per information available on the form.

Click here for the nomination form. Closing date for nominations is 25 March. ** NOW CLOSED

The Trampoline Technical Information Day is scheduled for 2:30pm Sunday 29 January at CYC - 126-130 Woodlands Dr, Braeside. 

Sport Members are encouraged to attend this day as important information about 2017 will be distributed.

9 Dec 2015 TRP172015

The Gymnastics Australia 2016 Part B Technical Regulations have been released. Click here to access the GA website

17 June 2015 TRP162015

Level 1-3 Routine Sheets are now available on the Trampoline Program Information Page - Click Here

12 Mar 2015 TRP122015

Errata 1 - January 2015 to the ALP

13 Nov 2014 TRP082014 Update to Difficulty Requirements for Level 3 Trampoline
At the technical information day at the beginning of 2014 the Victorian Trampolining flagged its intention to raise the minimum difficulty for the second voluntary routine in level 3 trampoline from 1.1 to 1.5 to bring the state in line with the national levels program standards (1.5 – 2.8). This means that athletes will no longer be able to use the level 3 compulsory routine as their voluntary routine as the difficulty value is too low (1.1) and will need to have a separate voluntary routine which meets the new difficulty requirements. It is likely that this routine will need to include at least one if not two somersaults. 
Athletes who perform a complete routine but do not meet the minimum difficulty in any level will have the defect deducted by from each execution judge score.
E.g. Athlete repeats level 3 set routine as a voluntary routine:
DD = 1.1 Minimum DD = 1.5 Deficit = 0.4
0.4 is deducted by each execution judge
To facilitate this it is expected that level 3 competitors will no longer remain on the apparatus between their set routines and voluntary routines and will be allocated competition time and warm up time as for level 4 and above.
Please bear this in mind when selecting competition levels for athletes for the upcoming Club invitational events in November.