Women's Artistic Gymnastics Competition Review Updates

Planned 2020 WAG Victorian Pathway and Competition Framework
The Gymnastics Victoria office and the WAG Technical Committee Working Group have finalised changes for the new Victorian Pathway and Competition Framework to come into effect in 2020.

Key Changes:
Level 7 moved to the Junior season joining levels 4-6 at Victorian Championships and will qualify through Regional Championships
3 Divisions for levels 3-6
Levels 5-10, Divisions now based on a Maximum Individual Score for Divisions 2 and 3 
Levels 3-4, Divisions now based on a Maximum Team Score for Divisions 2 and 3
Note divisions are no longer decided based on hours trained however a guide to the average number of sessions is provided
In Levels 3 and 4 where a club in a region does not have enough athletes to form a team (2 or less) then they are able to form a combined team with another club from their region (the second club must also not be able to form a team)
Level 3 will have a new event in place of Victorian Championships, called the Victorian Club Challenge and will still attend Regional Championships
Level 2 is a skill level and will not have a State Pennant event

Further information is available in the following documents:
Planned 2020 WAG Competition Framework V1
DRAFT Planned 2020 WAG Events Handbook V1
WAG Working Group Report
WAG Victorian Pathway Frequently Asked Questions

A series of forums will be presented by the WAG Technical Committee at the following events, with further information available once work orders have been released:
South East Regional Championships                     14 September                 Maffra
Metro North Central Regional Championships   15 September                 BTYC
Metro East Regional Championships                     29 September                 Aerodynamix
South West Regional Championships                    28/29 September              Warrnambool
Metro South Regional Championships                  5/6 October                     Waverley Gymnastics Centre
Metro West Regional Championships                   5/6 October                     YMCA Geelong
Junior Victorian Championships                             2/3 November                Geelong Arena
Junior Victorian Championships (level 3)             9/10 November               Eastern Gymnastics
Further Forums will be available in early 2020

Clubs, coaches and Judges are invited to send in any questions they would like addressed at forums by Noon Friday 13th September to clorenzin@gymnasticsvictoria.org.au

WAG Divisions Calculator
The WAG Technical Committee have developed a WAG Divisions Calculator to assist clubs and coaches in determining which division to place athletes. 

WAG Divisions Calculator


Over the past five years significant changes have occurred in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) which include a singular national competition pathway from Level 3 through to Senior International, the removal of Level 7 from Australian Championships, the introduction of the High Performance Plan and unprecedented growth in the sport.

Due to these changes a working group was formed to undertake consultation with the Victorian gymnastics community and form a pathway and competition framework to manage the growth now and into the future.

The Working Group undertook a significant and detailed consultation process with the community consisting of:
Five community forums, engaging members from small, large, metropolitan and regional clubs
Focus group meetings with targeted members of the community, including coaches and judges from varied clubs and levels
Discussions with community members during club visits and at competitions
Working group meetings to discuss the outcomes of above points

From these consultations the Working Group have outlined recommendations to present to the Technical Committee and GV Board for Implementations in 2020. 

As these changes are endorsed the information will be available here.

Competition Review Update 2 – 21st June 2018
Working Group Update and call for community feedback
Appendix 1 DRAFT WAG Competition Framework


Competition Review Update 1 - 3rd June 2019 
Changes to WAG Level 7 in 2020