Women's International Levels Program Information

Age Calculator

The Age Calculator chart show which athletes are eligible to compete in which competitive divisions, by entering their Date of Birth. This can otherwise be a slightly complex and confusing process! The charts are intended to assist clubs both with entering their athletes into competitions, and when running competitions.

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WG International Stream Manuals available from Gymnastics Australia.

Change of Stream Information

WAG gymnasts are permitted and encouraged to compete in the Gymnastics stream that best suits them. This occasionally includes moving between streams to find the best fit for each gymnast.

At times, athletes’ circumstances may change so that they are no longer best placed in their current stream. Gymnastics Victoria supports all gymnasts to progress to their fullest potential, and this includes competing in whichever stream that they best fit.  This principle pertains to International Stream, National Stream (Open and Limited Hours) and Gymstar.

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