Women's ALP Technical Updates


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March 2018 

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March 2018

   Clarification of qualification for the Victorian Championships 2018 NL 9 & 10 Gymnasts

NL 9 & 10 gymnast can qualify for the Victorian Championships as apparatus specialist by gaining a score of 12.00 on 1, 2 or 3 apparatus as stated in the Event Hand Book under section 4.1. This score needs to be attained at Trial 2 - the qualification event for the Victorian Championships. 

Trans Bass Level 7 Qualification Score

The qualification score for Level 7 gymnast to enter the Trans Bass trial for 2018 is 45.00

January 2018

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December 2017

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October 2017

   October Commission Update
 June 2017    

The WAG ALP have been updated. The soft copy resources can be accessed by current registered Technical Members, complimentary, via Gymnastics Online. Alternatively, members of the community can purchase a hard copy via Gym Shop.

It is important to note that since the WAG 2017 and Beyond earlier release in March, minor changes have been made to form an updated ALP. There is a ‘Changes Register’ outlining the updates on our website via GymSports > WAG > Competitive Framework and Programs, as well as on Gymnastics Online accompanying the ALP


 June 2017    

Team Victorian Championships NL7-10 2017

Some questions have been raised about how clubs enter teams in this event. The information below is intended to clarify the eligibility of athletes to enter and how clubs form teams.

  1. Clubs form teams in each of the levels 7, 8, 9 & 10. No individuals.
  2. The principle for an athlete's eligibility to be in a L7-10 team is the same as we use for all other Victorian Championships

    The gymnast must either be at the level or the level DIRECTLY below in order to be part of that team.

     So NL5 gymnast cannot be in a L9 team.

  3. When clubs compete team members from the level directly below, (eg L8s competing in a L9 team) then if those athletes attain the qualification score required to pass the level (L9) , then they are now considered to be at that level(L9) and can't go backwards.

    This presumes clubs use their experience to form teams with athletes of the appropriate standard who, after competing in Team Vics, will then be considered, in the case of my example above, L9 gymnasts.

  4. WTC encourages all clubs with enough L7-10 athletes to enter. This is an opportunity to make a team of a mix of limited and unlimited hours athletes should a club choose to do so.
 April 2017    
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Click here to look at the latest FIG WAG update which addresses dance elements (In effect from the 1st of October 2017). 

 April 2017  
Coaches and judges aiming for selection to the Victorian team for Australian Championships are required to complete a development pathway by first nominating and being selected for a development tour.

Currently the development tours available are Queensland Border Challenge and Trans Bass Challenge.

 March 2017   The Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Annual General Meeting is on 1:30pm (Between Sessions) Saturday 8 April at Jets Gymnastics, Community Bank Stadium – Main Hurstbridge Road, Diamond Creek.

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 March 2017   March Commission Update
10 March 2017  WAG362017 


WAG gymnasts are permitted and encouraged to compete in the Gymnastics stream that best suits them. This occasionally includes moving between streams to find the best fit for each gymnast.

 At times, athletes’ circumstances may change so that they are no longer best placed in their current stream. Gymnastics Victoria supports all gymnasts to progress to their fullest potential, and this includes competing in whichever stream that they best fit.  This principle pertains to International Stream, National Stream (Open and Limited Hours) and Gymstar.

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 23 February 2017 WAG352017  The WAG Table of Elements for Bars, Beam and Floor have been updated. Please see the updated documents below: 

Updated NL Bars Symbol Sheet
Updated NL Beam Symbol Sheet
Updated NL Floor Symbol Sheet

For quick reference, please see below for a summary of the changes:

Bars - piked jaeger is now an E
Beam - RO is now a B
Beam - RO salto mount is now an E
Floor - additional jumps/leaps added as per FIG code

 20 February 2017 WAG342017 
The WAG Technical Information Day was held on Sunday 5 February. Click here for the information sheet of WAG information presented on the day. 

 12 January 2017 WAG332017 

The WAG Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 8 April between sessions at Jets Gymnastics - Community Bank Stadium, Main Hurstbridge Rd, Diamond Creek.  

To nominate for the Technical Committee please complete the electronic nomination form and submit to Gymnastics Victoria by the due date. Nominations must be accompanied by two endorsements as per information available on the form.

Click here for the nomination form. Closing date for nominations is March 18.

The WAG Technical Information Day is scheduled for 8:30am Sunday 5 February in the Melbourne Polytechnic (Prahran Campus) Lecture Theatre - Room ME206. 

Sport Members are encouraged to attend this day as important information about 2017 will be distributed.

14 June 2016 WAG322016 There has been an update to information in the Event Handbook regarding the Southern Cross Classic - 
Please note that: 

If a club has less than 3 gymnasts in Level 4 the gymnasts can be entered. GV will place them together with other individuals from the region to form a team.

If there are not enough individual gymnasts to form a team within the region (e.g. 2 individuals) they would be added to an existing team of 3 from the region to compete with them and receive any awards but their scores will not count towards the team. This will be arranged by Gymnastics Victoria with permission from both clubs.

14 September 2015 WAG262015

Click here for Gymnastics Australia's WAG ALP Levels 3-6 Compulsories. Questions and Answers for Coaches and Judges

Further clarification for Victoria:

Q. I’m concerned about my smaller gymnasts dismounting from the high bar. What can the coach do to ensure dismounts are safe? Specifically, what matting is allowed on UB for NL3-6?

A. See ALP manual section 4.4 pg6. “Without obstructing the judge’s view – Coach may stand between bars during all levels – matting up to 30cm deep may be used under the rails and for dismounts.”

1 June 2015 WAG242015

National Level 2 Judging Sheet

National Level 2 Judging Instructions

1 April 2015
(Updated 28 April)

WAG ALP Judging Questions and Clarifications prepared by the National Judging Coordinator

17 Mar 2015 WAG212015

The 2015 WAG National Level 2 Routines for Use at Gymnastics Victoria State Pennant Events are available on the WAG NL Program Page

12 Mar 2015 WAG202015

WAG ALP (Version 1) - Errata 1 to the ALP

2 September 2014 WAG132014 WAG Implementation Update #5
10 July 2014 WAG122014 WAG Implementation Update #4
25 June 2014 WAG112014 The next phase of the WAG Australian Levels Program (ALP) for the future.The Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) National Commission along with Gymnastics Australia, in consultation with the gymnastics community, have commenced phase three of a four phase plan to launch a new WAG Australian Levels Program (ALP).Click Here to read further information and view the video.
12 May 2014 WAG102014 WAG Implementation Update #3
18 Mar 2014 WAG092014 WAG Implementation Update #2
20 Feb 2014 WAG062014 WAG Implementation Update #1