Gymnastics Australia AGM

The 2019 Gymnastics Australia AGM was held on Saturday 25 May and attended by new Gymnastics Victoria Board Chair Judy Young as well as Gymnastics Victoria CEO Jamie Parsons. 

At the Gymnastics Australia AGM the growth of grassroots Gymnastics across Australia was highlighted as a key strength of our sport. 

The Gymnastics Australia financial reports were accepted with results showing a significant overall loss and a reduction in GA’s reserves position. This has prompted a review of the Gymnastics Australia financial strategy including a consideration of increased fees payable to Gymnastics Australia through member clubs. 

A representative of the Gymnastics Victoria Board has joined the GA Financial Review committee with the aim to minimise the impact to Gymnastics Victoria clubs and members as this strategy is developed. 

Gymnastics Victoria will endeavour to keep our clubs and members updated on this process and do all we can to ensure minimal impact for clubs and members. 

If you have any questions please contact the GV office. 

To read the Gymnastics Australia Annual Report for 2018 please click here