Victorian Coach heads to India for FIG Coaching Academy

 The Indian Gymnastics Federation hosted the FIG Level 1 Academy in the small village of Mota Fofaliya around 55km from the city of Vadodara. All theory and practical lectures were conducted at the Shree CA Patel Learning Institute where 55 coaches from all over Indian participated along with two from Qatar coaches. The FIG Experts that served at this academy were course leader Derick Scholtz from South Africa, Women’s technical expert Eva Szloboda from Hungry and Men’s technical expert Kevin James from Australia. 

Kevin James wrote a brief reflection about his time in India, featured below. 

“One of the many things I was amazed about was the level of enthusiasm Indian Gymnastics Federation, organisers, coaches and athletes had at this Academy. Everyone was so eager to learn and pick the expert brains. The most surprising thing I witnessed (out of many) was how much respect the Indian Gymnastics community has.

Every day the gymnast surprise me with the amount of respect they have. They bend down to place their hands on the teacher's feet and then place their hands on their head. Children do this as a sign of respect to someone/the elderly who are imparting knowledge to them. It was such an honour that they started to do it to me after the first day. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do as it took me by surprise. To acknowledge them you put your hands on their back. By the end of the course, all the gymnast paid respect to me for teaching them, wow what an honour! These kids are amazing human beings and I’m proud that they learned so much this week. I hope they continue to implement what they learned. India has great kids and I wish them well. I hope one day I'll be able to meet them again. It’s time like these that remind me why I love teaching, meeting new people and seeing growth!

This not only happened with the children but at the award ceremony, some of the candidate’s former teacher were invited as a special guests and it was amazing to see the candidates show the exact same gesture as the children! Amazing to witness. This country has so much respect for their educators.”

Kevin also took along some Gymnastics Victoria pencil cases and wristbands for the gymnasts who participated in the Academy. We hope to see some of them in Victoria soon!