Key Dates: Athlete Transfers, Club Affiliation & National Database

All transfer requests must be submitted by Tuesday 12 November in order for the transfer to be processed in 2019. Transfers are required for any athlete who already has a record in the system, regardless of whether they are registered for the current year.

There are three main circumstances in which a transfer may be denied:
- The member has outstanding fees with their current club
- The athlete is a current active member at the original club and a multi-club transfer is required
- The current club has spoken to the member and determined that the transfer request was made in error

Please note that the system will not allow a transfer request to be made if the athlete is not currently registered with the original club, however the member may not appear in an initial search if they are not registered for the current year. If in doubt regarding an athlete’s membership status, please call GV on 03 9005 4700 for assistance before denying a transfer for any reason other than those stated above.

All members must be in the database by Thursday 12 December. This will also be the last day for Clubs to download their 2019 information, including their Certificate of Currency and member reports.

The online Club Affiliation form will open on Monday 6 January. Full access to all Club Admin features will also be restored on this date. For further information on Key Dates please click here.