Gymnastics Victoria Judging Review

As part of the Gymnastics Victoria strategic plan, Gymnastics Victoria commenced a review in 2016 of Judging across all Gymsports to ensure long term growth and address opportunities and barriers for people to be involved in gymnastics judging.
Since 2007 Victorian Judging Technical Membership has experienced variable rates of growth depending on the time of year. With the increase in the number of competitions being held across Victoria it is critical to ensure a consistent growth pattern in coming years to continue to develop gymnastics.  The review resulted in 15 Recommendations that support all existing, new and prospective judges and includes specific recommendations for each Gymsport.  

The Judging Review report can be accessed here.

The report provides a vision for future by ensuring there are more opportunities for learning and professional development for judges as well as retention and recruitment strategies. 
Over the next 3 years the recommendations will begin to be implemented. 

The implementation plan for the recommendations is as follows:

2017 Actions

  Priority    Recommendation 
 3) An Induction process is developed for all new Judges
   2    9) Investigate and Implement a judging course cost structure which reflects both sustainable budgets and more affordable opportunities for new Judges to gain accreditations and for existing Judges to progress
   3    10) Investigate and Implement a judging payment structure which reflects both sustainable budgets and enough to incentivise Judges for 2018
   4    4) In conjunction with this further investigation and Victoria to work with other states on developing bridging resources
   5    5) Collaborate with GA to improve the accreditation course resources in correlation to the feedback from the Victorian Judging Review and feedback from the GA course review
   6    6) Begin work on an interactive online learning tool for all Judges as a practice resource with the assistance of Gymnastics Australia. 
   8    8) A Professional Development calendar and networking opportunities are developed for Judges throughout the year to improve their Judging and pathway progression
   12    2) Judging is to be considered as part of the 2017 Marketing and Communication strategy which promotes the culture and experience of Judging and what it’s like to be a part of the Judging Community
   14    12) Promote the requirement for Clubs hosting GV sanctioned events are required to pay their judges a minimum amount and Judges rights in receiving an honorarium. 

2018 Actions

Priority   Recommendation 
7    11) A working group is established to further research the entire Judging payment structure and session length to implement for sustainability and best practice for our strategic direction.
 9    7) In concert with the work done by the Child Protection Working Group investigate the use of an online grievance reporting tool. 
10    14) Develop best practice guides and training in running events. Guides will include techniques to demonstrate transparency, technology and tools available and opportunities to enhance the event experience for all.
15    13) Work with Technical Committees to ensure the GV Committee Charter terms of office is being adhered and that the Judging Coordinator is receiving the right amount of support to undertake the job description

2019 Actions

Priority   Recommendations 
 11    1) As part of the Gymnastics Victoria Website redevelopment streamline technical, accreditation and pathway information including consideration of an online portal for judges. 
 13    15) Investigate further rationale behind Gymnastics Victoria Coordinating and sourcing the judging pool for events rather than clubs or technical committees. 

For more information on the Judging Review contact either:
Vicki Fitzwater - Education and Workforce Coordinator [email protected] 
Liz Kajko - Judging Coordinator- Events and Operations [email protected]