Aerobic Gymnastics

Are you looking for an action packed, dynamic sport that is fast paced and is great for developing heath and fitness?

Aerobic Gymnastics involves performing agile movement patterns to heart pounding music and is the perfect sport for active people with energy to burn.

Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics

Develops agility, co-ordination and self confidence
Builds strength and flexibility, preparing the body for life's challenges
Is modern, fast paced and intense
Is exciting, creative and aesthetically pleasing to watch
Develops aerobic endurance within fun and entertaining environments

Give your child the right start in life. Let them experience Aerobic Gymnastics and watch their self-confidence and creative talents come to life.

Aerobic Gymnastics is the ability to perform continuous complex and high intensity movement patterns to music, which originate from traditional aerobic dance. The routine must demonstrate continuous movement, flexibility, strength and utilisation of the seven basic steps, with a high degree of perfectly executed elements of difficulty.

Aerobic Movement Patterns are combinations of aerobic dance steps together with arm movement patterns, performed to music to create dynamic, rhythmic and continuous sequences of high and low impact movements.
Routines are performed by an individual athlete. The athlete may be either Male or Female. The categories are Individual Male or Individual Female.  

Aerobic Gymnastics comprises the following competition categories

Routines are performed by two athletes of opposite sex. The athletes must be one Male and one Female.  
Routines are performed by three athletes. The athletes can be any combination of Male or Female.  
Routines are performed by a minimum of four athletes and a maximum of six athletes. The athletes can be any combination of Male or Female.