Getting to know Caitlin Murphy - Our Rhythmic Spotlight Athlete.

At this month's State Team recognition day, we asked our Victorian Team athletes to answer us a few questions. Here are the results below:  

Caitlin Murphy is 18 years old and will be competing in the Rhythmic category at this year’s Australian Gymnastics Championships. 

How did you first get involved with Gymnastics?  

I started in gym fun and my coach suggested rhythmic. 

What is one of your best highlights from your Gymnastics career thus far? 

Competing at nationals with my teammates and all the fun memories we’ve made. 

Do you have a favourite song to warm up to? 

Fearless by Taylor swift  

Is there a gymnast you look up to and if so, who is it? 

Ashari Gill 

Your go to pre-comp snack? 


What artist can we expect to be at the top of your Spotify wrapped? 

Taylor Swift 

What nickname do your friends call you? 


If you had the choice to be invisible or fly which, would you pick? 


Your favourite show to binge watch? 

Brooklyn Nine Nine 

What would you title a book that is written about yourself? 

Caitlin Murphy  

If you had a time machine, would you travel to the past or the future? 


What Instagram or TikTok account do you think everyone should follow? 

Gymnastics Victoria  

What advice would you give to other gymnasts aiming to make the state team? 

Keep working hard and you will achieve your goals  

Caitlin will be competing on Sunday May 15th  & Monday 16th May in Level 10.  

Make sure you stay up to date with Caitlin and the rest of the team by following our GV social channels during the championships @gymnasticsvictoriaofficial.