Rhythmic Technical Updates


February 2022    

RG Music for Levels 1 & 2 – Victoria

We are using the same music as the last few years for the same apparatus but some of the apparatus has changed levels.  I have attached the music and re-labeled above, so if you decide to use your previous recordings please make sure you rename them.

The apparatus for 2022 is:  Level 1 – FX, Hoop and Ball.  

Level 2 – FX, Rope and Ball.

So FX for both levels has remained the same.

Rope, level 2, has also remained the same.

Hoop has moved from level 2 to level 1.

As there was no level 2 ball previously, we will use the same piece of music for both levels. 

Each club is responsible for their own choreography but all gymnasts must do the same routine, with the only optional parts being the choice between the listed elements.

Level 1& 2 Ball - Merry xmas Mr Lawrence 
Level 1 FX - Music
Level 1 Hoop - Music
Level 2 FX - (Dancing with myself)
Level 2 Rope - Muppets theme